Bungalow Style Homes

The word bungalow is actually derived from the Hindi word ‘Bangla’ meaning ‘Bengali’―the word was commonly used to mean ‘house in the Bengal style’. This term was used to refer to the style of a house that was typical of the region, and received great attention during the British rule in India. With some of its characteristic features that appealed to the British, this form of architecture was soon introduced in Great Britain, and later found its place all over Europe.


Designing a Virtual House – Build a Virtual Dream House

house designs online free 3d

The activity of designing a virtual house can be used for actually building a house or just for the sake of fun. If one is seriously thinking about preparing blueprints for his future house with the help of available software, he should first consult a contractor or an architect to discuss the plan. Some people prefer consulting a home builder whenever they take up construction activity. Any of the above options can be chosen as per the user’s convenience and specific needs.

Build a Virtual Dream House


Epic Examples of Baroque Architecture That Reveal its Magnificence

The Baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in the period from about 1600 until 1750. This architecture evolved out of Renaissance architecture in Italy in the 1600s, when the architects became weary of the styles that they had been using for the past 200 years. Basically, the term ‘Baroque’ describes anything that is irregular, bizarre, or deviates from the established rules and proportions. In this era, the architects began to make curving facades, and used the double curve on many different buildings.